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Within the

next 15 years,

no child should finish education without being familiarized to the Indian knowledge repository, with texts like Nāṭyaśastra, Tarkaśāstra, Yogasūtra and Aṣṭadhyāyī; and without having accessed Itihāsa-Purāṇa.

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IKS Bulletin

Summary of Guidelines for Incorporating Indian Knowledge in Higher Education Curricula

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has published "Guidelines for Incorporating Indian Knowledge in Higher Education Curricula" to integrate Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) into higher education. This initiative aligns with the National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020, which emphasizes the importance of India's rich heritage and aims to foster knowledge that is rooted in Indian culture and traditions.

Focus Areas

curriculum building
Curriculum Building

Bṛhat offers support for curriculum development. The principles of curriculum building in the Indian Knowledge System work differently as there is no separation or hierarchy of subjects or topics. This is equally true for pedagogies that are to be followed for IKS-based curriculum.

nep iks implementation
NEP-IKS Implementation

One of the objectives of the National Education Policy is to use and integrate the Indian Knowledge Systems in curriculum and pedagogies across higher education institutions. Also, NEP implementation is not just about creating new courses but also to make students, faculty, staff and parents informed about the potential that IKS holds.

competency development
Competency Development

Any task of IKS integration and implementation would be insufficient if human resources in the respective areas are not created. Bṛhat has been partnering with AICTE on its various initiatives. Bṛhat intends to conduct capacity building workshop for faculties in higher educational institutions, and create a critical network of likeminded individuals, who further contribute to mainstreaming of IKS curriculum and pedagogies.

learning design
Learning Design

IKS integration and implementation would not be possible without thinking about it from a design perspective. An IKS based design that provides pillars to any IKS course. Bṛhat envisages itself as a nodal agency, helping institutions digitize their curriculum and pedagogies, and also introducing learning designs that are compatible with IKS thinking. In addition to assisting institutions and organizations with the incorporation of IKS into their daily operations, Bṛhat wants to create in-house expertise in education, psychology, political-comparative philosophy and public policy. These three topics are central to Bṛhat's work and are therefore given priority for IKS redesign.

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